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Welcome to TCG2

Founded in 2015, The Cardinal Group II offers professional development consulting and training curricula development covering topics including executive leadership, communications training program design and interpersonal communications for police service professionals.

TCGII brings an innovative approach to training design and delivery by incorporating its “Ultimate Outcomes” philosophy, allowing forward-thinking organizations to maximize their effectiveness by deliberately targeting the desired behavioral enhancement and change of its employees. These behavioral changes translate into enhanced performance, higher quality interactions and achievement of organizational goals.

The Cardinal Group II develops training curricula utilizing best design practices identified to maximize retention of knowledge and skills in adult learners. This adult learning approach utilizes instruction strategies that incorporate the Experiential Learning Cycle. ELC leverages the adult learner’s personal and professional experience to achieve training objectives and provide participants with job-related context. Allowing them to effectively operationalize course topics into their daily duties and tasks. The Cardinal Group II is comprised of public safety professionals, curriculum design experts, and research partners in a variety of fields and disciplines.

Core Belief


Organizations that invest in their culture, leadership and professional development are capable of exceeding the expectations of those they serve.

Our Mission


Providing 21st century public safety leaders with the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary for effective and sustainable service delivery that exceeds community expectations.

Effective Public Safety Organizations


…are recognized as a legitimate authority both internally and externally. They embrace and champion change resulting in mission
based outcomes, recognizing that change is not only inevitable but is necessary to achieve its mission. They strive to align culture, mission,
strategy and structure within
their agency.


What Students Say

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